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The Life Changing Magic - Making Lockdown More Beautiful


It’s no secret that I do love a “life improvement” or “self help” strategy, and now more than ever (with 4 more weeks locked down) I find myself trawling the internet for new ideas on how to make life in lockdown more bearable. The overwhelming advice if you want to improve your mood is to tidy and re-order your living space. I know this doesn’t exactly sound like a blast, but I can’t ignore the multitude of experts who tell me it really works!

As Marie Kondo states “From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to reset your life. As a result, your life will start to change.” So, with the need to reinvigorate and bring change in mind, we have put together a collection of items which will make the task of housekeeping more beautiful.

Our home fragrance collection is bursting with products designed to make the every day (and multiple times a day) act of opening your closet an olfactory delight. Store items of clothing you love with care, attention. Transform the daily drudgery and reduce stress and anxiety. Pop in your earpods and listen to your favourite album or podcast. Focus on the textures and softness of the garments you are folding and the fragrance you are adding to keep your clothes safe from pests and smelling gorgeous.  

When your tidying is complete, remember to take a few moments to admire your handiwork. Thank yourself for these acts of personal stewardship and nurturing, and savour the feeling of peace you have created in your home with your own to hands. X Kell.

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  • Rebecca Taylor