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The Ponchette Lockdown Hack...


My genius friend Leanne shared a gem of a lockdown tip with me last year as we were enjoying a virtual catch-up. She was working in Singapore across 3 different time zones and I was curious to know how she managed to haul herself out of bed and be dressed for her zooms no matter what the hour.

Like a rabbit out of a hat, she produced a poncho, slipped it over her PJs and voila! Her "moochy loungewear" look was transformed to "boardroom ready" in a second. God I love my friends! ❤️❤️❤️

You loved our super long and luxurious ponchos that go all the way down to your knees. But at 1m x 2m that’s a lot of cashmere, and the truth is not everyone wants all that. Enter the Zjoosh PONCHETTE! A smaller poncho (exactly half the size) for when you just want to quickly and elegantly add a layer on top. The Ponchette will be your star performer winter warmer or trans seasonal piece.

Wear with the seam on the side for classic elegance, or bring the seam to the front and pull all the fabric forward and wear as a scarf under a jacket. A simple Long Sleeved T or any simple shirt is instantly lifted with one of these popped on top. Pop one over your Pjs for your early morning Zoom calls! We won't tell. Kel X

100% Pure Cashmere.

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  • Rebecca Taylor