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True To Blue


In Ancient Greece it appears that the word “blue” did not even exist. Perhaps because this colour is the colour of the seas and the sky, it was considered more of a neutral colour and not deserving of it’s own descriptor. Even in the English language, words for “blue” appeared last.

As darker blues such as navy blue are often associated with the idea of authority -think dark blue suits and police uniforms. Conversely softer shades of blue can inspire feelings of calm and serenity. To me the use of soft powder blues in home décor feel tranquil and peaceful.

Blue is an easy colour to live with. It is our most popular colour in home décor and in fashion. I guess people are so accustomed to seeing it all around them all the time so it feels so natural and comfortable.

Explore our hues of blue online and in stores. We’d love to help you begin your year by invigorating your home or your wardrobe with a wash of beautiful, clean, fresh blue. X Kell.

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  • Rebecca Taylor