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Up Goes The Tree


It has recently been reported by scientists that people who begin Christmas celebrations early are happier and more excited about life.

According to Unilad, Psychoanalyst, Steve McKeown says "In a world full of stress and anxiety people like to associate with things that make them happy, and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of childhood."

"Decorations are simply an anchor or pathway to those old childhood magical emotions of excitement. So putting up those Christmas decorations early extends the excitement!"

In my family, decorating for Christmas is a way to make coming together more special. I will admit that in recent years, the hectic pace of working in retail has meant that we are not the earliest to put the tree up. My husband is a stickler for a real tree which means waiting till the boy scouts start their sale. This year however, I have opted for for lots of table trees ahead of time to herald the later arrival of the real pine tree which will no doubt make its dramatic entrance in December.

For me, beautiful trees, wreaths on the door and gorgeous table decorations signify the importance of sharing special times together where we can reflect on the year that’s been and our hopes for the year to come. Decorating for Christmas in our home is crucial to preserving the tradition of bringing family together. It is part of who we are.  

The Christmas tradition brings to us a sense of comfort and belonging. Listening to the same music and serving the same foods year on year such as baked ham, stuffed roast turkey, and Christmas pudding provide the perfect context for us to create lasting memories of being together. It’s a time to reflect on those memories of waking on Christmas morning as a child to see if Santa had been and now reminiscing on those very precious years when our (now almost grown) children still believed.

As the climate in Australia is very different at Christmas time from that in the Northern Hemisphere. When I was living in England and the USA, decorating with heavy greenery and deep reds and greens made everything feel magical against the bleak snowy backdrop. With Christmas “down under” coinciding with summer, and the lighter, brighter spaces we enjoy here in Sydney, I like to keep the decorations a little “lighter” and easier on the eye, than the stark primary colours commonly associated with Christmas in Europe and America. Our Pearl Ball Wreaths and trees help to provide an equally magical setting for celebration without overbearing the room.

Our Crystal Glisten table trees in different heights are subtle, delicate and very elegant when placed down the centre of your table. Our beautiful baubles need not be reserved for trees and look incredibly beautiful when scattered on the Christmas table, and our large poinsettias placed in the middle of each plate mark each place perfectly. Pearl ball wreaths hung in windows by lengths of satin ribbon looped though look especially gorgeous when the lighting is soft.

So while there is much talk in the media about “the excess of Christmas”, dispensing with gift giving and the need to “simplify” and move toward a “less is more” Christmas model, I will always feel inclined toward going the extra mile in honour of this beautiful tradition, particularly when it comes to making our home feel festive. Decorating beautifully and celebrating wholeheartedly a tradition which has lived long before us, and is sure to outlive us, allows us to feel part of something much much larger - part of the magic that is Christmas.

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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