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Valentines Day - A Perfect Reminder For Small Loving Gestures


I’m a movie addict and I love a great romance, but one of my all time favourite Valentine’s Day scenes is the one where best friends Miranda and Carrie have an argument in a restaurant festooned in red and white balloons. The waitress asks “glass or bottle?” and the response is a very definite “bottle!” answered in unison. Not a romantic scene at all, but truly representative of where many people find themselves on a day reserved for the celebration of romantic love.

I love romance and I don’t really need an excuse to be romantic, but Valentines Day does serve as the perfect reminder that small loving gestures are important and go a long long way. That said, they may not always be forthcoming 😬, and if there isn’t much romance in your life right now, why not take the opportunity to celebrate anyway!! My daughter is actually having a “Galentines Day” Party tomorrow night. She has invited 6 girlfriends over and is serving fun pink drinks, heart shaped pizzas and chocolates and they are planning to watch the movie “Valentine’s Day” of course! I couldn’t be more proud. Go girls!!! Whether you have romantic dinner plans, plans with girlfriends or no plans at all, why not treat yourself to a hearty dose of self love tomorrow. Indulge your sense of touch with the gift of silk or cashmere, or your sense of smell with a fragrant candle. Our sweet 18 carat gold plated jewellery is also the perfect “gift of self love”. Enjoy 25% off storewide as our valentine’s gift to you.

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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