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Valentines Day Chocolates!

Valentines Day Chocolates!


by: Kellie Rigney

Opinions on Valentine’s Day are always divided. There are those who feel it is one of those “hallmark” holidays with no real point to it. I’m one of those people who thinks it’s a fantastic excuse to show the love!

Not that we ever needed an excuse to break out the chocolate, champagne and delicious food, but there it is on February 14- the date which prompts us all to remember to celebrate being in love!

We spent many years living in America, and I suppose that’s where I caught the celebration bug. From my experience, Americans seem to embrace “holidays” with such a sense of fun and enthusiasm that it is hard not to feel a little bit excited when these fun, festive days come around. When my children were in their early years at elementary school they were asked to decorate a shoe box and each person in the class would place a handmade Valentine’s card inside. There were always Valentine’s parties and Dads proudly gave their daughters flowers as well as their wives. Every year since moving home to Australia, we celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. We make heart shaped pizzas and we use the day as an excuse to bestow gifts of chocolate on the ones we love.

With this in mind, we have added some fine chocolates handmade in Sydney especially for ZJOOSH. ZJOOSH fine chocolates have been lovingly selected after extremely rigorous and incredibly thorough taste testing procedures at ZJOOSH HQ. Our in-house chocolate tasting experts have landed on an exquisite range to start you on your ZJOOSH chocolate journey and we intend to continue to alter our assortment as the seasons change. After all, “I’ve tasted enough chocolate” said no one ever.

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