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What Does Mother’s Day Mean to You?

What Does Mother’s Day Mean to You?

Mother. She’s a place where all love begins. Hers is the purest love we will ever know. When she became a mother, it changed her life as nothing else can.

Being a mum is in equal parts the most rewarding and most difficult role to play. You get to nurture and help shape little people into decent big people. What an absolute privilege, but oh boy what a huge responsibility. Is there ever a moment when you’re not hoping, wishing, praying you’re doing it right and that they’re doing ok? It was only when I became a mum that I really considered that my mum had worked as hard as she could to give us the best of everything. Knowing full well just what’s involved in the constant beautiful balancing act of being a mum, I’ve tried to think of beautiful ways to give thanks to your mum in ways I know she’ll appreciate. Little luxuries she might not think to buy for herself. Gifts to make her feel so special. It’s her turn to stop, relax and unwind. To take a deep breath, stop and look around at her family, being mindful of all she has achieved through her labour of love.

You’ve been loved fiercely by an incredible woman, so on Mother’s Day, take this as a great opportunity to show her how much she means to you. She may seem like she never needs or wants anything, but trust us when we say, every little act of love you do means the world to her.

In this article, we asked mothers what they actually think of this special day. We hope this inspires you to honour your own mum in a special way.


What Mother’s Day Mean

What does this day really mean to mums and women in general? How do mums want to spend it? To find out, we interviewed daughters and mums across some of our ZJOOSH stores.



Mother’s Day is a time to give thanks and acknowledge the diversity of mothering. It’s a time to”‘step aside” from the hectic pace of life and express gratitude for having a wonderful mum. It’s a time to celebrate happy times together as life is precious.

I spend the day with my 96-year-old mum who lives in a retirement village. I don’t have children of my own so I usually have a nice lunch with her. Time is precious!

I’d buy her comfortable ballerina slippers and cashmere socks, a Carolina cocoon cape, and a relaxing aromatic soap.



Mother’s Day is a sweet day for my daughter to spoil me and make me breakfast. It’s always a special one. In the morning, my daughter and I would have our special breakfast, and at lunch, we’d celebrate my mother-in-law. For a gift, I’d like to get more PJs and flowers.



Spending time with my children and enjoying the attention that I don’t get normally from my teenagers! To celebrate, I have a family lunch with my children. When it comes to gifts, I’d buy a perfume, a PJ, a silk scarf, and jewellery.



It’s a day to show appreciation and extra love to our mothers who often don’t get the recognition they deserve for their giving and nurturing towards their families and loved ones. I like to spend this day by going out for breakfast and then spending quality time with my family. I’d buy scented candles or go for a relaxing massage.



Mother’s Day to me is about thinking about the journey I have been on with my son. It’s a time to think about what I have done and haven’t done, a time for reflection and rest.

How do I want to spend it? Well, I’d like to sleep in, go to the gym and spa, visit my mum, watch a movie, and spend part of the day trying to do absolutely nothing!

I’d buy for myself a nice bag, a cute scarf, some chocolates, hand cream, cashmere socks, a nice throw rug, and a scented candle.


All about Mum: Making Mother’s Day Extra Special This Year

If you’re like everyone else, special days like this leave us feeling stumped. We just can’t figure out what to give our mums on Mother’s Day. But don’t worry — we got you covered.

Whether you’re a son or a daughter, these are 10 sweet, thoughtful ideas you can do on Mother’s Day.

  1. Make a DIY photo book with your most memorable photos.
  2. Surprise her with breakfast in bed.
  3. Take her shopping.
  4. Take her out for lunch. Do your homework by knowing beforehand her favourite restaurant.
  5. Free her from her “mom routine” by letting her spend a day at the spa.
  6. Watch a movie with her. Be sure it’s something she wants to watch.
  7. Get your haircut together.
  8. Gather all the family members for a photo shoot.
  9. This one’s classic: write her a poem and frame it.
  10. Buy her something you know she loves but wouldn’t buy for herself (like an outfit, handbag, or jewellery)

Don’t let Mother’s Day slide by without showing your mum that you love and care for her. Yes, you should express your appreciation to her every day, but on this special day, make it extra special. Because she’s so worth it.

Thinking of buying her a gift? Check out this blog article for the ultimate Mother’s Day gift list.

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