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What The Teacher wears


Who was your favourite teacher when you were little? Mine was Mrs Hamer, my year 1 teacher at Our Lady Of Good Counsel, Forestville. She was smart and kind and so so pretty. I loved everything about her, especially her her cool headscarf’s, long flowing skirts and her bangles 😍 It was the 70s after all. She was in her early 20s and to me, she was everything.

Like it or not, our clothing choices are central to our personal brand. How we choose to present to those around us, whether our friends, work colleagues or students. Research shows it takes between a 10th of a second and 7 seconds for others to make an impression of you, which is hardly long enough for someone to truly get to know you. Choosing the right clothing can be a really helpful way to control what others are experiencing and seeing when they interact with you.

Alex of @whattheteacherwears is a stylist and blogger - A teacher who is masterful at putting together chic, simple, everyday outfits to make you feel stylish and fabulous between the hours of 9 and 5.

X Kell

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