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What's A Girl To Do?!


Not ones to sit on our hands, we decided to pull forward our Spring Spend and Save Promotion and launch headlong into this store wide offer without a second to loose.  The offer applies to absolutely everything, even those items already reduced such as our beautiful knitwear which is fast disappearing.

Earlier in the week, we visited our locked down stores “the Sleeping Beauties” as we like to call them. As I was driving to my first stop (Cronulla), I will admit to being slightly worried it would be disheartening seeing all that beautiful stock sitting in the darkness. In reality the experience was quite the opposite. When we flicked on the lights, everything looked so incredibly beautiful it was uplifting. Our retail team had ensured that the stores were left in the most perfect order, and not having visited for many weeks made our reunion all the sweeter. We took a few snaps and some videos,  collected laybys and special requests for customers,  Zjooshed the windows and installed new signage to remind those passing by that while we can’t see you, we can still serve you!

There is a plethora of new product just landed as well as all your Zjoosh favourites. We are wrapping and dispatching to you as fast as our little hands can move and loving preparing gifts and sending gifts on your behalf. It feels nice to be in the business of bringing some joy in these strange times when a really big hug between friends or family members is just not possible. Stay safe and warm and let us know however we can help. We’d love to make life more beautiful for you and the people you love the most. X Kell

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  • Rebecca Taylor