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What's New At Zjoosh


With most of our locations being in neighbourhood centres, it’s important for us to keep our assortment fresh so there is always something new and interesting for our regular customers.

Our latest addition to our home fragrance collection is the Crystal Collection by @apsleyandcompany. Trust me, these people know how to create beautiful home fragrances.

One important aspect of my role at Zjoosh is “road testing”. This can involve everything from putting linen shirts through very hot washes, wearing handbags repeatedly for years on end, or in this case using new fragrances in my home. 

I can honestly say, these Apsley products are gorgeous. The crystal vessels are seriously heavy, which gives that feeling of exceptional quality. These are not your usual candle jars that will go out with your recycling. You can purchase refills for them, or they can be repurposed as beautiful vases for your gardenias which should be just about in bloom.

I placed mine in our entry way and am happy to report that so many guests commented on the lovely fresh fragrance. Young and old, male and female!

I like things that blend in with my home decor and the clean, clear crystal designs have a pared back elegance which suits any space. No obvious product labelling means they appear more as a thoughtfully placed decorative item rather than a functional one.

At $79.95 these are priced higher than other candles and diffusers, but they look it, smell it and feel it. They come beautifully boxed and make a perfect gift for any person who appreciates items of true quality. We have added these to our corporate gift collection, so speak to our online team about our Zjoosh Gift Concierge Service if you have a need for multiple client, supplier or colleague gifts and would like our help. X Kell

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  • Rebecca Taylor