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When it comes to accessorising, the rules are – There are no rules!


One of my fondest memories of my working life in London were my little shopping expeditions during Friday lunch times.

Primed for the weekend (but not so financially primed to be purchasing an entire outfit), I’d opt for smaller, affordable shall we say....treats! Maybe a new lipstick from Space NK Apothecary or some earrings from Accessorize. Something to launch me into the weekend with some definite pep in my step!

Our new bangle collection arrived today and I found myself right back in that “Fridays in London” mindset. Our HQ team have all added a few “treats” to our shopping carts today from the veritable candy store that is our Zjoosh accessories collection right now. Take a peak online and take your pick!

Our new Zjoosh bangle collection is polished, modern and sleek. The easy to wear hinged closure of our new styles makes them a perfect on-the-go accessory that will instantly add interest and elegance to any outfit.

The trick with this collection is to mix and match textures and colours to create your own unique look. Whether you opt for a really full look, or a pared down simple stack is totally up to you! It’s all about what you are most comfortable with.

Choose a bangle to match a colour appearing somewhere in your outfit to tie your look together. There is nothing sharper than a carefully considered outfit.

Soften your enamel stack with other finer bracelets. Although pearls have historically been thought of as classic and conservative, more recently they’ve been seen to form part of a very modern and cool look.

Our Plaited bangles have a more natural/textural appearance and can be combined to create a more boho weekend look.

When it comes to accessorising, the rules are – There are no rules!

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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