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Why smaller bags and clutches are becoming more popular...


Over the 9 or so years we have been creating bags for our Zjoosh customers, we have noticed that there is an increasing shift toward smaller bags and I can see why. The first ever purse/clutch we sold at Zjoosh was the Mama Mia, which is still our best seller.
Customers love that they can also throw the Mama Mia into into a larger bag, but I love using these practical zippered pouches on their own with my cards, lippy and phone safely tucked away.

Our Hayley Clutch is a slightly larger, super streamlined version which has been hugely popular for formal events when it’s the dress which should do the talking. Unless of course you opt for one of the super bright fuscia numbers which will give you the perfect pop against your all black outfit. Wow!

Using a clutch forces me to reduce what I lug around to the essentials. For me the larger the bag, the more I feel the need to carry around, when the truth is I really only need a few things to get me through the day or night. By doing away with a larger bag I somehow feel lower maintenance in a chic sort of way.

Gone are the days when a giant sized tote is perceived as luxurious or the mark of success. For a while there it was a trend to carry a large luxury label bag (and I took up this trend with vim and vigour). I’m here to tell you that nothing feels less luxurious or successful than forgetting you put chocolate paddle pops in your bag as a treat after swimming only to find a sweet melted mess in the bottom of your Louis hours later.
Stepping away from the big bag isn’t for everyone. Young mums I get it. But now being at a life stage where nappies and wipes, matchbox cars and snacks do not need to travel with me everywhere I go, I’ll pack lightly in my small clutch with pleasure.

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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