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Work It, Earn It

Work It, Earn It


by: Kellie Rigney
Elegant work-perfect handbags can be both a style & tax haven, says Zjoosh founder, Kellie Rigney

Women’s ‘work bags’ have always had a perception of being practical and therefore unsexy, but this is really just outdated thinking on our behalf. Women handbag design has finally caught up with technology. The rise and rise (and RISE!) of smartphones and lighter-than-air laptops have irrevocably changed the structure of our working lives, which has had a flow-on affect on our work accessories.

These days it’s as common for us ladies to be working inside an office, as it is out. Our smartphones and laptops have given us the ability to work anywhere we choose — quite liberating, when you think about it, particularly for those mums balancing a work and family life.

The Rebecca Bag

I personally LOVE and use two Zjoosh handbags for work: the leather Rebecca and vegan leather Sandra. The black Rebecca is premium and very French/Italian in terms of classic, timeless style… this one wouldn’t look out of place ducking in and out of the chic streets of Paris and Milan. It has beautiful gold hardware on the outside and lots of different inner compartments, meaning you can fit in all your beauty products, as well as work necessities: smartphone, diaries, iPads and even small laptops. It’s my personal favourite and keeps me super well organised every single day

The Sandra Bag

For those wanting a vegan leather alternative, I recommend our similar classically-designed navy Sandra toteThe Sandrais affordable (tick) and roomy enough to keep all the above mentioned work and personal accessories in one place (tick, tick). I get one of these every year, and love giving them as gifts to special friends.


Both of these bags are great examples of work bags that double as elegant handbags to take to swish events. As a bonus, did you know that work bags can be tax deductible? You should talk to your accountant or the tax office to get all the details, but if your bag is predominantly used for professional reasons — the more stylish version of a work satchel — you can claim some money back on what you spent on it

It would need to be used 100% everyday for work, keeping your diary, notes , biz cards and hardware (smartphones, laptop etc.) all in one place, but if costs under $300 is pretty much immediately tax deductible. Most importantly, you can show your smug other half that you’re a clever so-and-so, making fashion work for your budgets, rather than against them. And who doesn’t want that?

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