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Your Mother’s Day Wish List!

Your Mother’s Day Wish List!

Mother's Day is a time to pamper yourself. It’s a celebration of you and everything you do each and every day for all the loved ones in your life. Make it easy for your loved ones by adding items to your Zjoosh Wishlist. You can then easily share with them via email to ensure you get something you love. 

You can add as many products as you would like, and your family members can choose which products they’d love to gift you!

Here are 12 things to add to your Mother’s Day Wish List.


Affordable Luxuries

1. Snuggle Up In Beautifully Soft Cashmere:

There's something special about cashmere, just like there's something special about you! Cashmere is soft, comfortable and extraordinarily elegant. Whether it's a gorgeous scarf that keeps your neck and shoulders warm and cozy all year long, slippers that hug and reenergize your tired feet or a heavenly cape that wraps you up…add a cashmere piece to your wardrobe this Mother's deserve it!


2. Accessorize Your Wardrobe With A New Handbag:  

Mother's Day is the perfect time and excuse to update your look with a new handbag from Zjoosh. As a modern woman, we know the importance of a hand bag and whether it’s a timeless classic or a one of a kind show stopper a hand bag is an important element of your overall look. Handbags are perfect gifts that are both practical and fashionable and will continue giving for years to come.


3. Wrap Yourself In A Luxurious Silk Scarf:

A scarf, especially a lovely silk scarf is a thoughtful gift and an affordable luxury. Scarves are classics and are perfect for Mum because they are as versatile as they are stylish. Tie around your neck, wrap it around a handbag, wear as a hair accessory or simply display on a vanity to remind you of all the wonderful people in your life.


4. Right On Point With Ballerina Slippers

There is something feminine, innocent and charming about ballerina slippers...not to mention extremely warm and comfortable. When you slip them on all the stresses and troubles of the day melt away, and your feet look so darn adorable.


5. Make a Jewellery Statement:

A girl's best friend is usually right inside her jewellery box. And a girl simply can never have enough pieces of jewellery. Give Mum a statement piece from Zjoosh and you can't go wrong. Each piece is carefully and meticulously designed to make her feel extraordinary, beautiful and loved. It's a gift that continues to give her joy for a lifetime. Our collection of gold jewellery and our layered crystal drop earrings have been a huge hit.


Indulge Your Senses

1. Enjoy Scent-sational Fragrances

A beautiful candle from Zjoosh features, rich, heart-warming, mood lifting fragrance combinations that will fill any room with a romantic glow. You will adore the designer styled containers, too and proudly display them in any room throughout the home.


2. Delight With Luxurious Hand Cream:

We can't think of a better way to pamper yourself and Mum than with luxurious hand creams created to delight the senses. We're not talking about the brands you can get at the corner market, we're talking about simply wonderful hand cream collection that instantly melts into your skin leaving hands and nails looking and feeling healthier and younger than ever. And each beautiful cream is infused with all natural fragrances including roses, honey, lavender and other favourites.


3. Exclusive Hand Washes & Soaps:

Our hands should be pampered with tender loving care. Mother's Day is the perfect time to celebrate our Mum's hard-working hands by giving her Zjoosh exclusive hand washes and soaps created to gently clean and moisturize overworked and over washed hands. A perfect complement is a Zjoosh luxurious hand cream.


Gifts For A Good Nights Sleep

1. Enjoy Silky Smooth Silk Pillow Cases

Zjoosh silk pillow cases are a luxury Mum will love! Silk is not only soft, subtle and luxurious, it is a natural antibacterial repelling dust, pollen and other allergies. Silk is also cool to the touch and extremely comfortable. Silk's fibres have even more features you will adore. It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and prevents split ends! The bottom line is that silk pillow cases are healthier than other fabrics, protects our skin and hair and encourages a more restful sleep. Every Mum deserves that!


2. Enhance Sleep With Pillow Mist:

Lavender is a fragrance known for its relaxation and calming nature. Spray our Pillow Mist onto your pillow to enhance a good night's sleep. The Le Chatelard Pillow Mist arrives in a gorgeous spray bottle that can be displayed on a dresser or bedside table. Pillow Mist is the perfect complement to a silk pillow case.


3. Create Mood With Calming Room Spray

The Le Chatelard Lavender Room Spray will surround any room with wonderful calming fragrance and can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Combine with Pillow Mist at bedtime for a one of a kind, enhanced fragrant experience.


4. Fall In Love With Our Silk Eye Masks:

This silk eye mask is perfect for Mothers who travel, have varied work schedules or who simply like a good nights sleep. Slip this extra soft and comfortable eye mask on and the troubles of the day disappear while drifting into a deep restful sleep. This is a perfect complement to Pillow Mist or a Silk Pillow case.


Mother's Day is a very special occasion celebrating a very special lady... you! Whether you buy a gift for yourself or a loved one presents one to you, embrace the moment without any guilt, only with gratitude and love. Zjoosh understands how important you are every day and wants to help you select the perfect Mother's Day gifts.

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