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Zjooshing Your Senses - A Word About Soy vs. Paraffin Candles

Zjooshing Your Senses - A Word About Soy vs. Paraffin Candles


by: Kellie Rigney

There have been very few studies carried out on the subject of which is better or safer, soy or paraffin? One study by the Beyreuth Institute for Environmental Investigations in Germany concluded that all types of wax – including paraffin – burned in the same manner, creating comparable emissions, and posing no discernible risk to human health or indoor air quality.  Both soy and paraffin candles are biodegradable. So when it comes to choosing between soy or paraffin candles, it really comes down to personal choice.

We have a huge range of beautiful soy candles including the Palm Beach Collection and also the Circa Home range by Glasshouse.While there are loads of paraffin candles on the market, we have selected the best quality available as part of our collection at ZJOOSH. If you are after high-quality paraffin wax candles,   Glasshouse candles are made from non-toxic food grade wax with lead-free cotton wicks which are safe to burn, even in the presence of babies or those with allergies.

The  best way to maintain both soy and paraffin candles is to re-centre and trim the wick to 7mm. Regularly trimming the wick of your candle will ensure that is stops emitting carbon – the black residue that is sometimes found on the glass of your candle. Both Glasshouse and Palm Beach candles will create virtually no smoke when burning properly. Trim your wicks and keep your candle away from drafts so that the flame is not disturbed to ensure the cleanest burn from your candle.

Any time of day is a good time to light a candle. I have a candle burning on my desk at work and as soon as I arrive home, I light a candle on the hall table at our front door. To me, a lit candle signifies a warm welcome. Fragrance is a gorgeous addition to any room of the home. At ZJOOSH we are all about simple pleasures, taking time to create mood with fragrance and subtle lighting making “the everyday” more beautiful.

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