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Mother's Day Memories

I remember being a primary school student and absolutely loving the lead up to Mother’s day. My mum and her friends were the “crafty mums” and our living room would be overtaken with all kinds of materials to create “homemade” gifts that children could purchase at the annual School Mother’s Day Stall. The whole house would be fragrant with the smells of lavender and soap ready to make sachets and soap swans . Our home would be a hive of activity as women gathered around over cups of tea, busily crocheting tea cosies, sewing sachets and assembling other “crafty” creations with hot glue guns ready for the big day.

The church hall was transformed into a fabulous girly boutique, festooned in pink crepe paper. The kids would line up in their class groups with their money in hand ready to purchase something special for their mums and grandmas.


All over the world, the sentiment behind Mother’s Day is the same. “We love you Mum!”, “Thank you!”, “You are the centre of our family!”  and for that, we are grateful! Often there is a mass or Mother’s Day morning tea hosted by the school, and always backpacks come home containing sweet handmade cards and gifts from the kids lovingly made in class.

This year things will no doubt be a little different.  Schools are mostly closed and the usual prompts for the kids to display thoughtfulness and gratitude for mum are no longer in place. With this in mind, we have curated a Zjoosh Virtual Mother’s Day Stall where families can shop for mums and grandmas and guarantee that everything will be beautifully wrapped and packed so that they feel extra special on their day.

From the smallest gestures to more luxurious gifts, we have items to suit the budgets of junior shoppers as well as their dads. You are welcome to shop online and we will arrange delivery to your home, browse online first and collect in store later, or visit us in stores to choose for yourself. We are here to work with you on your terms and help make mum and grandma feel special and to make the experience of shopping for Mother’s Day a beautiful one.

Kell xx


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Keeping It Local - Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Having spent many years in my 20s and 30s living in London and Bath, I developed a deep love for “shopping local”. When my kids were little, I liked to be able to pop them in the stroller and walk down to the local deli, grocer or chemist and purchase the things we needed to get us through the day. It was a way to punctuate the day. An activity to tire everyone out in time for an afternoon nap.
Being far from home and isolated from family and friends, seeing the familiar, friendly faces of the local shopkeepers in the village made me feel as though I was part of something. Our daily expeditions to little village shops in Larkhall are something I remember with great fondness. Turns out I was actually on to something without knowing it, because I was later to learn that “Happiness Studies” indicate that happy people are more likely to be connected to their neighbourhoods than unhappy people.
I’m not one for big soulless shopping centres. I actively avoid them. I hate the parking areas, the lifts, the escalators and all of that. I prefer my local IGA to a huge supermarket simply because I love to see the owner family so genuinely invested in their business. I admire the pride they take in the products they sell and I like it when they use my name and when I use theirs. So it stands to reason that our Zjoosh stores are almost always nestled snugly in local communities.
At Zjoosh we have always immersed ourselves in the fabric of the areas in which our stores are located. We proudly support local sporting clubs and schools simply because we know these clubs and schools are comprised of people in our neighbourhoods. These people are our customers and we truly value the communities in which we operate. Our Zjoosh women are locals who have, in lots of cases, worked with us for many years. They love working locally and serving people they have come to really know. Our relationships with our customers are real, long term and loyal.
With all the strangeness of Covid 19 and the changes in the way we are able to move about and interact, we have adapted our service style to ensure we are still a vital part of our local communities. The messages we have received from our customers clearly tell us that they are so happy our doors are open so that they can still obtain the little luxuries of life which make these times of isolation a little bit more enjoyable.
We would absolutely love for you to shop at your local ZJOOSH for your Mum this Mother’s Day. We have put a great deal of thought into our product range and we are ready to wrap your gifts! Our stores are clean and safe and we are also willing to arrange contactless delivery to you if you prefer. Our online store is always open for those who do not have a store in their neighbourhood. More than anything we really want to be here on the other side so that we can continue to make life more beautiful for you!
- Kell x
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Social Distancing - The Silver Linings Playbook

“I don't want to stay in the bad place, where no one believes in silver linings or love or happy endings.”- Mathew Quick -The Silver Linings Playbook.

Home Sweet Home has taken on a whole new meaning with the current recommendations for social distancing. Here we are in these unprecedented circumstances, told to stay at home and hunker down for the safety of all. By nature, I’m wired to try and find the positive in most situations. I often joke with our Zjoosh team that even my blood type is O Positive. I try to find the silver lining to every cloud knowing that no amount of panic or negativity will make those clouds go away. So, without in any way wanting to minimize the seriousness of the current situation, here are my musings on why being told to stay in needn’t feel so bad, and how we at Zjoosh can help you make it even nicer over these next “indoorsy” days.

  • More Time together - Sometimes it seems there is never enough. This past weekend with cancelled activities, our little family took some time to prepare nice meals to enjoy together, read books and watch movies. – Not so bad huh! It’s a good time to snuggle under warm blankets and cuddle up on the sofa together.

  • Take Time For You- Take a long hot bath by the light of a beautiful scented candle. Use our bath salts or a body scrub, inhale the fragrance and listen to your favourite podcast. 

  • Hop into your PJ’s early. Have you noticed it’s a bit chilly in the evenings, so get cosy in our new Ginger Lily PJs, robes and slippers and relax with our wheat packs and heat packs. Breathe in and breathe out forgetting all the madness just for a moment and enjoy the quiet. When is the last time you made time just for you?  Make staying at home the ultimate luxury experience.

  • Make your surroundings more beautiful - With more time spent in your home, you might decide to rearrange that bookcase, or restyle your dressing table. It’s amazing how little things such as grouping your perfume collection on a pretty tray can create a feeling of romance and luxury.

So while we can’t control what is actually happening out there, we can make the best of the situation in front of us right now and we are here to help you do just that. We want you to know that we are still here for you and ready to serve you on your terms. Our stores are open and our Zjoosh women are taking extra precautions to disinfect surfaces and are diligently washing their hands after every interaction.

We are extremely conscious of your safety while doing our level best to provide you with the care and attention you deserve. Our online team are wrapping and packing your order in a sanitized environment and are dispatching to you as quickly as possible. If your item is a gift, we will gift wrap beautifully for you with our compliments as always.

Customers are warmly welcomed in stores, but we are also happy to take orders over the phone and have items wrapped and packed for your collection at your convenience. Call your store and chat to our team about how we can help you. In the meantime stay warm, cosy and healthy. With love from Zjoosh.

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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Why smaller bags and clutches are becoming more popular...

Over the 9 or so years we have been creating bags for our Zjoosh customers, we have noticed that there is an increasing shift toward smaller bags and I can see why. The first ever purse/clutch we sold at Zjoosh was the Mama Mia, which is still our best seller.
Customers love that they can also throw the Mama Mia into into a larger bag, but I love using these practical zippered pouches on their own with my cards, lippy and phone safely tucked away.

Our Hayley Clutch is a slightly larger, super streamlined version which has been hugely popular for formal events when it’s the dress which should do the talking. Unless of course you opt for one of the super bright fuscia numbers which will give you the perfect pop against your all black outfit. Wow!

Using a clutch forces me to reduce what I lug around to the essentials. For me the larger the bag, the more I feel the need to carry around, when the truth is I really only need a few things to get me through the day or night. By doing away with a larger bag I somehow feel lower maintenance in a chic sort of way.

Gone are the days when a giant sized tote is perceived as luxurious or the mark of success. For a while there it was a trend to carry a large luxury label bag (and I took up this trend with vim and vigour). I’m here to tell you that nothing feels less luxurious or successful than forgetting you put chocolate paddle pops in your bag as a treat after swimming only to find a sweet melted mess in the bottom of your Louis hours later.
Stepping away from the big bag isn’t for everyone. Young mums I get it. But now being at a life stage where nappies and wipes, matchbox cars and snacks do not need to travel with me everywhere I go, I’ll pack lightly in my small clutch with pleasure.

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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An Ounce Of Prevention - Clean and Fresh is Best

There is a good deal of fear in the community right now about the spread of the Coronavirus. There’s panic buying on all sorts of products from toilet paper to pasta and rice and some of the footage of customers losing their minds in the supermarkets is really quite distressing. There is endless talk about the possible outcomes, but being a solution driven person my tendency is to take practical steps to stay healthy rather than waste time on hypothesising about what might happen. Following the recommendations of the World Health Organisation is the obvious starting point. In short they say that “clean hands save lives”. A simple straightforward message and one which is pretty easy to follow.

It’s no surprise that we’ve had a bit of a run on soap at Zjoosh and in particular our new Glasshouse Fragrance handwashes. Customers are purchasing for homes and businesses alike, and with 25% off storewide, now it the time to purchase in order to protect your family and your employees. Our newly reformulated hand washes are just gorgeous and will turn hand washing from a chore to a treat. No need to worry about the drying effects on skin as these washes are enriched with aloe vera, kakadu plum extract, coconut fruit water and vitamin E to help cleanse, moisturise and protect hands. No parabens, no silicones, no sulphates and not tested on animals, these products are the perfect incentive to engage in excellent hygiene practices. Shop all stores and online while our sale continues. Trust us. You will love these products.

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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You're Indestructible - Always Believe In Gold!

At Zjoosh we always believe in gold and when it comes to accessories,  metallic bags and clutches are a stylish and decadent choice. A perfect way to make a confident, contemporary statement.

I love the fact that a shimmery gold bag can be so effortlessly transformative. Wear with your most formal, to the floor, evening gown or your jeans and a T and suddenly you look incredibly glam, all because of your little gold clutch!

Gold turns heads so you will be sure to be noticed.  Not only that, it’s a neutral and can be worn with absolutely everything. It is timeless and has been around for centuries, so it’s not as though its super “way out there” 

Wear our Gold Caroline Tote with your floaty prairie dress to create cool juxtaposition. With its handy pouch your belongings will be safe and sound but with functionality and fashion appeal.

Add to your arm party from our auxiliary our gorgeous gold bangles and bracelets. Gold says “first place”. Take the lead and wear gold!

A key part of the Zjoosh aesthetic has always been accents of gold. Our gilt mirrors, wall sconces and gold chandeliers have graced our stores since opening. We love the way a touch of gold can add a Frenchy chic feel to a space which is both opulent and feminine. To us gold adds a certain richness. Shop our gold accent pieces and bring some gold glam to your home. Where Silver brings “cool” gold adds warmth. Always believe in Gold!

By Kellie Rigney - Founder & Creative Director of ZJOOSH

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