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LUCIENNE - Premium Jewellery

LUCIENNE is a given French name. It is the feminine form of Lucien, meaning "Light".


LUCIENNE is an elegant, modern and classic collection created exclusively for the discerning customer who appreciates premium quality.


Meticulously crafted using a base of is 925 sterling silver and 18 karat gold plating, each LUCIENNE piece has been designed to complement others in the range, and all items have undergone extensive qualitative testing, ensuring the customer will enjoy wearing their LUCIENNE pieces for years to come.


Lucienne isperfectly suited to everyday wear as well as to more formal events.  It makes a beautiful gift for a milestone birthday or to mark another important occasion. It’s just that little bit more special.


In caring for your Lucienne pieces, we recommend avoiding contact with chemicals such as perfume, tanning solutions and lotions, as well as removing your jewellery before swimming, showering or exercising.