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Luxury Home Spa - Introducing iKOU

A short while ago I was gifted some products from an Australian brand called iKOU. I am the first to admit to being a lover of so many lotions and potions, particularly those which promise big things, but these products truly ignited a spark within, and I honestly feel it delivered in spades!

My generous gift included a range of items that inspired rituals to rest, relax & restore, and to treat the skin, mind & body holistically. I ask you... what’s not to love? The first thing that struck me were the pure and fresh fragrances which are truly incredible and instantly transported me to a luxurious hotel spa. I love it that iKOU is created using organic ingredients so close by to us in Leura, New South Wales. Interestingly, iKOU products are used in more than 80% of spas throughout Australia, including the Hyatt and Langham hotel spas - which is the perfect endorsement for me.

After a busy working week, I decided to treat myself to a spa night in my own home using my new iKOU products. I lit the iKOU De-Stress Candle, ran the bath adding the Lavender and Geranium Bubble Bath. I can honestly say I really did feel completely “relaxed and restored”. Finally, I used the body souffle which is completely divine and from now will be my go-to gift for girlfriends. It really is such a sensual treat.  

Following my indulgent home spa evening, I resolved to share this brand with our Zjoosh customers. It fits perfectly with our whole ethos of Zjoosh which is to “Make Life More Beautiful”. The iKOU range at Zjoosh includes bath salts, hand and body care, the aromatherapy candle and a beautiful collection of essential oil blends which are just so calming, you will want to use them all day long. We are now using the iKOU Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser at Zjoosh HQ and we are all in love with it!

I feel as though products from this range make a really thoughtful gift for someone experiencing a particularly stressful time. I often find it difficult to know exactly what might be an appropriate gesture and I think this would be the perfect reminder to take time to take care for oneself.  

Pop into any one of our Zjoosh stores and explore this new range for yourself. Indulging in an Australian made, vegan and organic spa ritual at home is such a beautiful act of self-care in our fast paced world where it is easy to forget that you just can’t fill from an empty cup.

Kell x