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Pen to Paper

If you receive our Zjoosh eDMS or follow us on Instagram, you will know that I have a great love of words. From a young age I have been an avid collector of meaningful quotes. I love to send them to my family and friends at moments when I feel they will be especially appreciated. While I do often pop things in the notes section on my phone, there is something lovely about putting pen to paper. Sometimes I will squiggle designs for logos or ideas for bags and accessories, especially when technology is not right at my fingertips. When the thought comes, I need to record it, or else it might be gone forever!

Being on a phone or a laptop during a meeting can sometimes feel inappropriate, but jotting notes down in a notebook to remind oneself of important points is totally acceptable. Carrying a small notebook means thoughts and ideas don’t disappear on random pieces of paper. Writing things down in a book keeps them safe, allowing you to refer to them and track your progress by ticking off tasks when completed.

They say that writing is closer to thinking than speaking, and that the act of writing can be therapeutic in itself. As well as being a practical business tool, a simple notebook and pen can provide potent tools for personal growth and goal achievement. Set yourself a path to success by jotting down hopes and dreams that might just lead to big changes in your life. Putting goals and desires onto paper creates a tangible representation of them, making them more concrete and focused. It clarifies your intentions forcing you to articulate what you truly want. It engages your subconscious mind, imprinting these goals into your psyche.

Writing things down can help cultivate a sense of accountability, encouraging you to take steps toward your dreams. Abstract ideas become tangible goals which become more achievable.

Our notebooks are deliberately sized to fit inside even a small handbag. They make a beautiful thoughtful gift for the young and young at heart. Pair them with one of our matching black ink rollerball Chinoiserie Pens and know that your gift is a practical one which is sure to keep on giving.

X Kell