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The Zjoosh Guide to Travelling in Style

Way way back in the early 90s, I travelled to Europe with my trusty bum bag. I had never left Australia before and I was terrified of being robbed! Stowed safely in my bumbag was my passport, a Minolta Focus and Shoot Camera, foreign currency, a pair of black wayfarers and my map! Sounds like the dark ages right!


Fast forward 30 years and low and behold the bum bag is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. The contents may have changed somewhat, but the need to protect one’s very precious belongings remains the same.


Both the Allegra Bum Bag and the Stella Bum Bag provide every traveller whether old or young freedom and mobility. All your essentials are within easy reach leaving you hands free to explore, take photographs and most importantly party!


Sitting close against the front your body, belongings are super safe from pickpocketing. Our Allegra bum bag even has separate little compartments for ear pods, room keys, and snacks. Quick and easy access ensures you are able to capture spontaneous moments and immerse yourself fully in the travel experience. Whether you are hopping between trains, exploring alleys or dancing in night clubs, your bum bag will keep everything within arm’s reach.


Not just a practical travelling wonder, the bum bag is also enjoying a bit of a fashion moment. Available in so many fun colours, a Zjoosh bum bag will brighten up just about any outfit. The best part is that long after your travels are over,  your bumbag will continue to be your best friend at music festivals, hikes, ski trips and more.