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As we emerge from isolation and prepare to shake off all the restrictions which came with Covid, Lavender is the perfect colour to match this moment in time. Probably because of it’s associations with aromatherapy and it’s antiseptic properties, Lavender is known to represent healing and calmness.

Lavender brings to your wardrobe and home a carefree confidence as we all prepare to begin life as we knew it, but bringing with us all our lockdown learnings. We’ve been changed for good, and before us lies a landscape of possibilities allowing us to begin again. This magical hue places the future ahead in a bright new light.

Explore the ways Zjoosh has incorporated Lavender into our new season pieces. From sumptuous silk cotton apparel, sporty chic cross body bags and soft lifelike hydrangea blooms for your home, we have folded this gorgeous colour into our collection as we celebrate moving forward with cool, calm, confidence.